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Value for a Lifetime...

By now you've got to be wondering -- "Where are the prices?"  Well you won't find a pricing menu here.  Now before you start thinking we're too expensive, the reason we don't list prices is because every bride, every wedding, and every client we work with is unique.  Too often the choices available for photography have been - "Costly Professionals" or "Inexpensive Amateurs"; not exactly an enviable position.  Invariably, some folks end up with the event they can afford, and not necessarily the event they want.  At Pom Photo, we value the opportunity to work with each and every client, building a lasting relationship, and telling "your story." We understand and appreciate the realities of costs, and therefore approach each event and each person as individuals, so that the event you want is the event you can afford, without sacrificing quality. We're absolutely confident  you'll be pleased with the detials of your photographic package and the reduced strain on your wallet!  Please contact us for options, availability and to schedule a personal meeting. 




"Your life is the story, our lens is the scribe..."

Love Letters...

"Everything is stunning! We were amazed at the beauty and elegance. Thank you so much for your diligence, kindness, and artistic flare. You've truly captured our day and our memories like no other, and we are so grateful! You have blown us away at the quality of your work, and the generosity of your heart.  Thank you for immortalizing our perfect day!"

--- Melanie & Andrew

"OMG! WOW! Everything is awesome! You guys are the best. You’ve done so many events for us I feel like you’re part of the family now! We love you guys thanks so much again!"

--- Sneha & Kevin

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