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Thought it was April Showers...

So, one of the things we really like during a wedding is a lively wedding party and terrific weather. Once the clouds started forming in the sky on Friday evening, one might have thought, "well 1 out 2 isn't bad."

But even with the rain coming down in sheets for the majority of the day, the Big Man upstairs turned off the water-works just in time for Andrea and Tonmar's perfect day. But even if the skies had dried up, there were plenty of eyes that weren't. Watching this couple share something special with each other and their family was amazing. I'm sure you've heard photographers say something like "oh they were the best couple..." or something similar, but these two really were awesome!

One way or another you were going to shed a tear, either from the pure emotion and love between Andrea and Tonmar, or from laughing so hard! The wedding party kept us rolling the entire day, I was afraid we might miss some shots! But, from the beginning of the day, the light was so soft and just kissed the photos so smoothly all day long. Not to mention how clean the groomsmen were. Custom ordered gray Chuck Taylor's for all the groomsmen, and for Tonmar-- the man rocked an ascot and custom fit, Crimson and Creme CTs. Now, I'm not a big fan of red anything, Red Robin, Big Red, Red Shoe Diaries; but... yeah those shoes were smooth.

Andrea was stunning! Kudos to Denise DeCrona from Primp Skin Studios and her assistant for the excellent makeup artistry. I feel like we held Andrea hostage in the staging room at the venue for waaaaaaaay too long, but I couldn't get enough of the light coming through the window and wanted to take full advantage of it. Her sister, Alicia, was right on top of things getting the champagne in the room at just the right moment -- it's a must to take a few moments to refresh right before walking down the aisle though.

The venue was exquisite. The staff at Wedgewood Golf Club handled every aspect of the day beautifully. A great ceremony, excellent food, and of course the reception! If you've never had a pastry from Hummingbird Bakery in Vallejo... shame on you! Ultimately, our hat goes off to Issell Hernandez. Seriously, as a wedding photographer, having a wedding coordinator that takes care of business is priceless. She was the best!

But of course, the couple was a sight to behold. Genuinely, it's a privilege to be asked to capture one of the most important days of a person's life, and to share in that event with people who truly love one another and look upon their photographer as part of their connected family of friends and loved ones is an awesome honor.

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