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Golden Gate Confession...

KP and I are both Cali born and raised, and I've been in Northern California for more than two decades, and I have to confess... I've never been across the Golden Gate Bridge, not driving not walking, not hover boarding, not anything. I know, I know, I know, When we travel and tell people where we're from, the first thing we're asked is about major landmarks like Fisherman's Wharf, the Palace of Fine Arts, and yep -- the Golden Gate Bridge. Now, I can't really explain why I've never been across the bridge, it's just never happened. Well, I figured I'd rectify that this past week. Took a day trip out to Sausalito and hung out at Battery Spencer, a great spot with incredible views of the Bridge. In fact we rolled up to Hawk Hill and snagged this little gem through the San Francisco evening haze. On the ride home, I started thinking that I couldn't be the only Northern Cali native who hadn't been across the Golden Gate. So, help me out here:

1.) If you've never been across the Golden Gate, leave a comment below, let's start a support group! LOL

2.) If you have been across this wonderful landmark, let me know that too. Follow us on Instagram @PomPhotography and tag us in your photos of the Golden Gate and tell us about your first time across "Big Red", we'd love to repost them.

3.) If you've never been across the Bridge, you're in luck, contact us so we can capture you're first time across, or if you just want to go back and relive it all again, we'd love to share and document that moment with you.

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