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Drawing Closer...

The one thing that I love most about being a photographer is seeing how love unites--in some cases two very unique worlds. I had so much fun photographing this awesome couple--he's light-hearted and carefree, she's strong, and thoughtful. Isn't that how love works? It creates a oneness by adding something to the other that draws them together and completes them.

We were really lucky because, even though the sun didn't peek out behind the clouds, the fog burned off just enough to give us this amazing light around the S.F. Bay. There's a rock that juts out from the ocean and we sat An and Mirella on it. They were talking, laughing, and just plain enjoying each other when an unexpected wave caught them by surprise. It's THESE moments that I absolutely adore! The moment the wave hit, he pulled her closer to him, and that's how love works--it's an unexpected wave that draws us closer to each other, and we pray and hope to hold on for as long and as tightly as possible.

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