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Behind the Lens

Your life is the Story.   Our Lens is the Scribe.  That's truly what Pom Photo is all about - capturing your unique, authentic story, just the way your life authored it. Whether you're quirky, funny, weird, corny, serious, quiet, shy, outgoing, excitable, reserved... we love it all! And we're ready to preserve the memories of your life's greatest moments. Pom Photo is powered by the principles of Faith, Family, and Photos. This is the fuel behind the desire to create stories featuring the lives, relationships, and memories, of our client family. 

We got married when we were really young and really broke! So we completely understand what it's like to want that fairytale wedding but your budget is firmly rooted in reality LOL! Having that experience, really fueled our desire to use our passion and talent to bring a high caliber experience and product to couples.  And over the last two decades we've been so fortunate to have shared some amazing memories and built awesome friendships and extended families with couples.


We've been in love with telling stories through photographs  and video for years.  We bring our unique brand of visual storytelling, and just who we are as people to every event! So get ready!!! Let's make something amazing together!

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