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Our Crew

Your life is the Story.   Our Lens is the Scribe.  That's truly what Pom Photo is all about - capturing your unique, authentic story, just the way your life authored it. Whether you're quirky, funny, weird, corny, serious, quiet, shy, outgoing, excitable, reserved... we love it all! And we're ready to preserve the memories of your life's greatest moments. Pom Photo is powered by the principles of Faith, Family, and Photos. This is the fuel behind the desire to create stories featuring the lives, relationships, and memories, of our client family.  Kari has been in love with telling stories through photographs since they day she picked up a camera.  Kari brings her unique brand of visual storytelling, and outgoing personality to each event. Born and raised in the bay area, Kari, loves to travel and capture photographs in new and exotic locations to bring the client's vision to life.  Besides being a huge Harry Potter fan, she's an awesome mom and a "wonder woman" of a wife to her husband.


Kari Powell


If I don't have a camera in hand, you can best believe I'm snuggled up under a warm blanket watching some corny rom-com!


Joel Powell


Love everything technical! Mac over PC all day everyday, sorry, not sorry LOL!


Jared Alexander

Save the Date

Jared's an amazing cinematographer, screenwriter and photographer.  From the Bay to LA!


Tina Tranzor

Tying the Knot!

Tina is a doer of everything! Jane of all trades and everything we do is always made better because of her!

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